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Harrison Ford: Advice to Young Actors

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Harrison Ford: The only advice I have ever offered young actors is to try and figure our how to do it yourself. Never be caught with the idea that you can imitate someone else's success. As much as you might admire wh...

Big Think Interview With Stephen Fry

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A conversation with the British comedian, author, actor and filmmaker.

Henry Rollins: For President

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Henry envisions his first days in office.

Stephen Fry: My Favorite American City

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After touring all 50 states, the British comedian likes San Francisco most, with its close proximity to Sequoia National Park and Big Sur.

Stephen Fry: Mormon Encounter

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A Mormon tour guide did not appreciate his sly questions.

Rainn Wilson: Why the Awkward Humor on “The Office” Is Funny

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Ricky Gervais was able to capitalize on a generational shift with an understanding that so much of the comedy is not set up, set up, punch line. It really is about characters behaving and the reactions to that behavior.

@Google & YouTube present A Conversation with Conan O’Brien

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Conan O'Brien may have been "legally prohibited from being funny on television," but thanks to TBS he'll be back on the air very soon. Conan and Andy Richter stop by Google's Mountain View, CA headquarters for a morni...

Stephen Fry: Quintessential English Upbringing

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The prep-school-educated actor grew up in a country house with gardeners and servants. While his mother was warm and loveable, his forbidding father was more like Sherlock Holmes.

Leonard Nimoy: The Origin of Spock’s Greeting

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Leonard Nimoy speaks about the origin of Spock's greeting.

Stephen Fry: Idea of Greatness

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Making others feel better, finer, and funnier—that's the sign of "character and quality."

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