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Why Study Economics, History, and Computer Science – Bijoy Goswami

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In Chapter 6 of 15, leadership philosopher and bootstrap business expert Bijoy Goswami blends three majors - computer science, history, and economics, to shape his thinking. Collectively, the three perspectives allow ...

Daniel Altman: Fiscal Cliff, Schmiscal Cliff

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Daniel Altman became the London-based economics correspondent of The Economist, then joined The New York Times as one of the youngest-ever members of its editorial board and later wrote economic commentary for the bus...

Juan Enriquez: Financial Crisis

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Juan Enriquez is a leading authority on the economic and political impacts of genomics and other life sciences. Enriquez was the founding director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project and is the CEO of...

Hungarian Prime Minister speaks in Ireland on Challenging Times for the EU-01 June 2011

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As the Hungarian Presidency of the EU draws to a close, Viktor Orbán reflected on what he has called "the most difficult year for European Integration since the downfall of Communism." The Hungarian Presidency has fac...

John Bruton Analyses Ireland’s Current Economic Situation. YPN 2010

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The Young Professionals' Network was delighted to announce that John Bruton, former Taoiseach, Minister and Leader of Fine Gael and former EU Ambassador to the United States would address an after-work meeting of the ...

Conversations With History – Walter Russell Mead

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Conversations with History host Harry Kreisler welcomes Walter Russell Mead of the Council on Foreign Relations for a discussion of the Anglo American maritime system—its origins, development, and impact on the world....

Simeon Djankov on Corporate Tax, Investment and Entrepreneurship in Europe

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At this event, Deputy Prime Minister Djankov delivered a keynote address on The Effects of Corporate Tax on Investment and Entrepreneurship in Europe. Bulgaria has the lowest tax burden of any country in the EU wit...

Schelling and Scary Stuff

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Kenneth Arrow of Stanford University, Henry Rowen of The Hoover Institution, and Charles Wolf of RAND Corporation discuss various economic issues.

Peter Fleischer on Regulating for the Cloud

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This event will focus on the regulatory issues on the topic of Cloud Computing, in terms of the EU Data Protection Framework. The topic is of particular interest from both a business and a policy perspective in terms ...

Naomi Klein: Are markets taking on traditional government functions?

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There's been a fusion of big government and big business, says Klein.

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