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Natalie Tran, CommunityChannel ideaCity10

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What Natalie Tyler Tran describes as "amazingly, effectively useless" work unfolds more sincerely as self-deprecating, satirical wit. Tran tells it like it is, with a knack for making you feel like old friends chattin...

Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration

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After re-purposing CAPTCHA so each human-typed response helps digitize books, Luis von Ahn wondered how else to use small contributions by many on the Internet for greater good. At TEDxCMU, he shares how his ambitious...

Ze Frank: What’s so funny about the Web?

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Performer and web toymaker Ze Frank delivers a hilarious nerdcore standup routine, then tells us what hes seriously passionate about: helping people create and interact using simple, addictive web tools.

Why a Minimum Viable Product Design Strategy Works – Joe Stump

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In Chapter 16 of 17 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, Internet entrepreneur and SimpleGeo CTO Joe Stump shares why less is more when designing and building consumer Internet products. ...

Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification

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Gamification is fundamentally rewriting the rules of engagement for product design and marketing. From Foursquare to Farmville and from Nike to the Navy, game mechanics like points, badges, levels, challenges, rewards...

How TED Talk Accelerates Career and Raises Aspirations – Simon Sinek

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In Chapter 1 of 20 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, author and leadership expert Simon Sinek shares how the positive response from his 2009 TEDx talk has changed his life. In the fall...

Cooperation and Engagement: What can board games teach us?

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In February of 2008, Matt Leacock released Pandemic, a board game where players cooperate to save the world from deadly diseases that threaten to wipe out humanity. The game has been enthusiastically received, with it...

Dr Paul Howard Jones – What is the Internet Doing to our Brains?

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Dr Paul Howard Jones assesses whether the latest scientific findings support popular fears about what technology is doing to us.

Authors@Google: Marlee Matlin

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Marlee Matlin, Academy Award winning actress, author and celebrity spokesperson for captioning on the web, talks about her autobiography, "I'll Scream Later," accessibility issues facing the deaf and hard of hearing, ...

How Social Media Impacts Sports Marketing – Mike Germano

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In Chapter 12 of 13, social media expert Mike Germano discusses how social media is enhancing the sports entertainment experience by building a stronger connection between fans and their favorite players, teams, and l...

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