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The uncertain location of electrons – George Zaidan and Charles Morton

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The tiny atoms that make up our world are made up of even tinier protons, neutrons and electrons. Though the number of protons determines an atom's identity, it's the electrons -- specifically, their exact location ou...

How many universes are there? – Chris Anderson

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The fact that no one knows the answer to this question is what makes it exciting. The story of physics has been one of an ever-expanding understanding of the sheer scale of reality, to the point where physicists are n...

Michio Kaku: The Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions

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The physicist explains why other universes in the mulitverse could have many more dimensions—and could comprise Einstein's "Mind of God."

Emmy Noether and The Fabric of Reality

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Emmy Noether made perhaps the most significant discovery of the 20th century. A female Jewish intellectual in Nazi Germany (you can do that math), Emmy's was a special approach to life. Noether's Theorem ties the laws...

String Theory Multiverse – Sergei Dubovsky (SETI Talks)

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One of the most intriguing and controversial recent ideas in cosmology and string theory is that the Universe is highly inhomogeneous on the length scales much longer than its currently observable part, with many of t...

Michio Kaku: The Metaphysics of Teleportation

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Even if science is able to teleport humans across large distances, would the teleported human really be the same person or just an exact replica? What would happen to the soul?

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Next Great Scientific Breakthroughs

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The astrophysicist speculates on the next great scientific breakthroughs.

Physics in Trouble: Why the Public Should Care

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In this Microsoft Research program, American theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, author of "The Trouble with Physics," states that physics has lost its way amid failed experiments and wasted funding. He cites repeated u...

Michio Kaku: Tweaking Moore’s Law and the Computers of the Post-Silicon Era

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What's beyond silicon? There have been a number of proposals: protein computers, DNA computers, optical computers, quantum computers, molecular computers.

Particle Physics in the 21st Century

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Elementary particle physics is entering a spectacular new era in which experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and at astrophysical observatories will soon start probing some of the most profound questi...

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