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Dr. Norman Doidge on Neuroplasticity

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Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and best-selling author, Dr. Norman Doidge, on his book, "The Brain that Changes Itself", an examination of the most important breakthrough in neuroscience: the discovery of neuroplasticit...

Introduction to

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A brief introduction to

Clifford Stoll: The call to learn

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Clifford Stoll could talk about the atmosphere of Jupiter. Or hunting KGB hackers. Or Klein bottles, computers in classrooms, the future. But he's not going to. Which is fine, because it would be criminal to confine a...

Michio Kaku: The Holy Grail of Planetary Astronomy

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Dr. Michio Kaku: At night when you look at the stars and you look at the constellations and you wonder "Is anyone out there?" just realize that somebody out there could be looking back at us and wondering "Gee, is the...

Authors@Google: Dr. John Medina

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Most of us have no idea what's really going on inside our heads. Yet brain scientists have uncovered details every business leader, parent, and teacher should know--such as the brain's need for physical activity to wo...

Segre Lecture in Physics – Mildred Dresselhaus

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There is much current excitement about the interesting advances in science and the unusual physical properties of carbon nanostructures, particularly carbon nanotubes and graphene, which are both of great interest at ...

CFI: It’s Time for Science and Reason

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The methods and values of scientific thinking have expanded our knowledge of life and our place in the universe. This modern knowledge—based on experience and evidence—has brought enormous benefit to humanity, yet man...

Kepler, Exoplanets and SETI – Geoff Marcy (SETI Talks)

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Science fiction portrays our Milky Way Galaxy as filled with habitable planets populated by advanced civilizations engaged in interstellar trade and conflict. Back in our real universe, Earth-like planets and alien li...

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science and Stimulus

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Neil deGrasse Tyson on the importance of funding scientific research.

Michio Kaku: Inventions of the Future

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The physicist believes that shape-shifting technology is near on the horizon. And "just decades away we will have something resembling Harry Potter's invisibility cloak."

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