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Big Think Interview With Stephen Fry

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A conversation with the British comedian, author, actor and filmmaker.

Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed

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Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009. What went through his mind as the doomed plane went down? At TED, he tells his story publicly...

Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

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Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just ... haven't? Matt Cutts suggests: Try it for 30 days. This short, lighthearted talk offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals.

How Finding Purpose Increases Sense of Fulfillment – Simon Sinek

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In Chapter 3 of 20 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, author and leadership expert Simon Sinek loses his passion and rebounds by understanding his why, his purpose. Sinek references "Ma...

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain

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What you do for a living is not be creative, what you do is ship," says bestselling author Seth Godin, arguing that we must quiet our fearful "lizard brains" to avoid sabotaging projects just before we finally finish ...

How Connie Chung Mentored Asian-American Fox Reporter – Kyung Yoon

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In Chapter 16 of 18, non-profit executive and spokesperson Kyung Yoon shares why she decided to enter broadcast journalism and how Connie Chung played both an inspirational and mentoring role in the process. Televisio...

Errol Morris on Confirmation Bias (Does your brain frame the picture?)

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Errol Morris explains confirmation bias as follows: does your theory about what may have happened in a situation in some way determine the kind of evidence that you look for and the kind of evidence that you reject?

Stephen Fry: Idea of Greatness

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Making others feel better, finer, and funnier—that's the sign of "character and quality."

Why 10 minutes each day can change your day – Andy Puddicombe

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Andy Puddicombe tells us why meditation isn't just about the lotus position and the difference between doing nothing and not doing.

Mark Williams on Mindfulness

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Is mindfulness the answer to all our prayers? The benefits are compelling: it’s free, you can do it anytime, anywhere, and it’s been scientifically proven to work. It is recognised by those in and out of the health pr...

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