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Stephan Jenkins on the 90s

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Stephan Jenkins experienced the 90s as a period of great musical creativity.

David Crystal – Texts and Tweets: myths and realities

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Professor David Crystal, one of the world's leading linguistic experts, challenges the myth that new communication technologies are destroying language.

Why Morgan Stanley Banker Seeks Female Role Models – Nina Godiwalla

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In Chapter 14 of 14, ex-Morgan Stanley investment banker and "Suits: A Woman on Wall Street" author Nina Godiwalla shares why female role models are so critical in building a corporate finance career. Godiwalla faces ...

Malcolm Gladwell – PopTech 2004

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Malcolm Gladwell takes the lessons of psychology and sociology and applies them to business in ways we’ve never thought of before. Here, he deep-dives into the world of office chair invention and soft drink taste test...

Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer

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Award-winning novelist Jonathan Safran Foer challenges us to face some uncomfortable facts about our eating habits, and probes some of our fundamental instincts about right and wrong.

Richard Dawkins: Canning Bill O’Reilly

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If we want to enhance our public debates and earnestly confront the looming issues of our day, the famed biologist believes that the first step is getting rid of unqualified TV hosts like Bill O'Reilly.

How Social Media Helps Build Trusting Relationships – Mike Germano

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In Chapter 9 of 13, social media expert and Carrot Creative co-founder Mike Germano shares views on relationships and trust. Germano notes people often trust each other more when they know more about each other. Socia...

Failed Metaphors and A New Environmentalism for the 21st Century

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Peter Kareiva, chief scientist for The Nature Conservancy, where he is responsible for developing and helping to implement science-based conservation throughout the organization and for forging new linkages with partn...

Christopher “moot” Poole: The case for anonymity online

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The founder of 4chan, a controversial, uncensored online imageboard, describes its subculture, some of the Internet "memes" it has launched, and the incident in which its users managed a very public, precision hack of...

Peter Singer: Exploring Morality and Selfishness in Modern Times

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Philosopher Peter Singer discusses the state of global ethics.

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