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Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate

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In his lab at Penn, Vijay Kumar and his team build flying quadrotors, small, agile robots that swarm, sense each other, and form ad hoc teams -- for construction, surveying disasters and far more.

Michio Kaku: Why Batteries Are Primitive

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Michio Kaku discusses the future of batteries.

Brian Cox: CERN’s supercollider

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"Rock star physicist" Brian Cox talks about his work on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Discussing the biggest of big science in an engaging, accessible way, Cox brings us along on a tour of the massive complex and...

Authors@Google: Lawrence Lessig

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Lawrence Lessig, author of "Free Culture," visits Google's New York office as part of the Authors@Google series. This event took place on October 3, 2006.

Michio Kaku: The von Neumann Probe (A Nano Ship to the Stars)

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One of the inventions that may be realized by advances in nanotechnology is the creation of a von Neumann probe, which is essentially a virus, a self-replicating probe that can then explore the universe near the speed...

Michio Kaku: Why We Can’t “Fire the Photon Torpedoes”

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Propelling a spaceship with photons would be like trying to energize a spaceship with a flashlight.

Larry Wall: 5 Programming Languages Everyone Should Know

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Java is "heavyweight, verbose, and everyone loves to hate it," but Wall still thinks you should know it.

Policy Talks@Google: Condoleezza Rice & David Miliband

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United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs David Miliband visit Google's Mountain View, CA, headquarters for a conversation with Google Senior...

Extreme wingsuit flying (The TEDTalk)

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Incredible footage! Ueli Gegenschatz -- the guy inside the "squirrel suit" -- explains the hows and whys of wingsuit flying at 100+ MPH (Yes, it feels just like those flying dreams ...)

Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

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At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data -- including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." In an onstage ...

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