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jQuery is a JavaScript library that stands out among its competitors because it is faster, focuses on writing less code, and is very extensible. In this talk, I will explore jQuery and how to use it. I will start off ...

Brad Burnham: SOPA: Innovation Blackout

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Venture capitalist Brad Burnham on the proposed SOPA / PIPA legislation. Is the controversy really about free speech, or is it just another showdown between rich and powerful Hollywood, and even richer and more powerf...

Lisa Randall: Understanding the Large Hadron Collider

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The Harvard physicist explains the design and goals of the 27 kilometer-wide proton-smasher in Switzerland that physicist hope will unlock the secrets of the universe.

James Ives on ‘Ocean Energy in Ireland: Challenges and Opportunities’

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Ocean energy contained in the world's waves and marine tidal currents provides an untapped source of renewable energy. In Ireland both wave and tidal will have a role to play in meeting longer term targets for electri...

How to Steal a Botnet and What Can Happen When You Do

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Botnets, which are networks of malware-infected machines that are controlled by an adversary, are the root cause of a large number of security threats on the Internet. A particularly sophisticated and insidious type o...

Introduction to

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A brief introduction to

Ubuntu Linux

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An overview of Ubuntu Linux given by Mark Shuttleworth at the Ubuntu Linux Developers Summit.

Rich Lesser Knowledge Worker

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Rich Lesser discusses concept of knowledge.

Segre Lecture in Physics – Mildred Dresselhaus

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There is much current excitement about the interesting advances in science and the unusual physical properties of carbon nanostructures, particularly carbon nanotubes and graphene, which are both of great interest at ...

Cross-Compiling Android Applications to the iPhone

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Smart phones such as Google's Android and Apple's iPhone have become popular devices for mobile applications. In particular, both devices allow the development of native applications that can take advantage of special...

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