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Authors@Google: Marlee Matlin

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Marlee Matlin, Academy Award winning actress, author and celebrity spokesperson for captioning on the web, talks about her autobiography, "I'll Scream Later," accessibility issues facing the deaf and hard of hearing, ...

Angels & Demons: The Science Revealed

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Why physicists would love to trap antihydrogen, but the Vatican need not fear..." is about the science behind Dan Brown's novel and the new movie "Angels & Demons" that premieres May 15, 2009. Professor Joel Fajan...

Technologies and applications of interactive flood simulation

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Severe flood disasters may frequently occur in near future because global warming will change the flood risk. To prepare the disaster, we propose global flood simulation software which simulates flood flow in short ti...

The Xbox 360 Security System and its Weaknesses

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After the disaster of the original Xbox, Microsoft put a lot of effort in designing what is probably the most sophisticated consumer hardware security system to date. We present its design, its implementation, its wea...

The Secret to Apple’s Success

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Apple anticipates where the market will be heading, as opposed to simply reacting to where the market is already going.

Dr Paul Howard Jones – What is the Internet Doing to our Brains?

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Dr Paul Howard Jones assesses whether the latest scientific findings support popular fears about what technology is doing to us.

New Techniques for Acquiring, Rendering, and Displaying Human Performances

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Dr. Paul Debevec, University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies Paul Debevec is the associate director of graphics research at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies (USC ICT) and a research...

Best Practices in Javascript Library Design

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This talk explores all the techniques used to build a robust, reusable, cross-platform JavaScript Library. We'll look at how to write a solid JavaScript API, show you how to use functional programming to create contai...

Michio Kaku: How to Program a Quantum Computer

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Quantum computing already exists, but on a truly minuscule scale. We'll probably have molecular computers before true quantum ones, says the physicist.

Ruby 1.9

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Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matsumoto Yukihiro, a.k.a. Matz, born 14 April 1965) is a Japanese computer scientist and software programmer best known as the chief designer of the Ruby programming language.

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