Coreboot, formerly known as LinuxBIOS, was originally started in 1999 to complement LOBOS [2] (Linux OS Boots OS) as part of an effort to move away from inscrutible and inflexible proprietary BIOS firmware used in clusters at high-security government research labs. However, coreboot took on a life of its own and quickly overcame many obstacles thanks to the help of a friendly and knowledgable open source community. This talk will give an overview of coreboot, what it is capable of, what it is incapable of, and what makes it different from the traditional PC BIOS and EFI. We’ll focus on developments in version 3 which cleans up the development model substantially, has much improved ACPI and SMI support, usage of the Linux kernel build system to build coreboot, new ways to boot locally and over a network, do some demos, and more!


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