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Why the best companies make you feel something – John Kearon

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How to make famous advertising? Well, logic and facts aren't as important as we think. Content is less important we think. Our feelings matter most. Emotions are king. John takes us through the 7 emotional states. And...

Little Miss Sunshine — Anjali Karki

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A story of courage, compassion and love.

Why we need to change how we learn – Alistair Smith

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"I am nervous because it matters". Inspiring talk from Alistair Smith about why we need to learn differently in a world that is changing from the one we lived in yesterday.

Do trust in the things you love – Mickey Smith

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Watch this talk. Mickey Smith. "If I can only scrape a living, at least it will be a living worth scraping" Beautiful life affirming stuff.

It’s good to dream for a living – The Buried Life

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Here's one big giant permission slip to say go ahead and DO.

People want to be part of history – Timothy Ferriss

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How to think big and test assumptions to accomplish the impossible, whether launching a #1 bestselling product, setting a world record, or changing the world.

Why 10 minutes each day can change your day – Andy Puddicombe

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Andy Puddicombe tells us why meditation isn't just about the lotus position and the difference between doing nothing and not doing.