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Michelle Rainey ideaCity09

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Suffering from Crohn's Disease since 1988, Michelle Rainey resigned from a 10 year bank career in 2000 to form the British Columbia Marijuana Party. She has spent the last decade advocating marijuana legalization. Mic...

Faith Popcorn ideaCity10

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Faith Popcorn is here to talk about what's next, and to make sure we know that the future starts right now. The "world's most famous trend-spotter" also discusses consumer behaviour, the importance of intuition, brand...

Natalie Tran, CommunityChannel ideaCity10

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What Natalie Tyler Tran describes as "amazingly, effectively useless" work unfolds more sincerely as self-deprecating, satirical wit. Tran tells it like it is, with a knack for making you feel like old friends chattin...

Franz Harary ideaCity06

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Magician Franz Harary demonstrates magic tricks and explains the logic and the fundamental techniques of the illusions he produces.

Sophie Morgan ideaCity10

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If people want to instigate change, they have to do it themselves. Sophie Morgan discusses how she's working to change perceptions of disability through art. She talks specifically on founding the IMPerfect Campaign, ...

Tan Le ideaCity10

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Think of Star Wars -- who wouldn't want to use "The Force," firsthand? Tan Le presents the EPOC headset; a device that makes it possible for specially designed computer applications to be controlled and influenced by ...

Erica Jong ideaCity10

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According to Erica Jong, we are all beginners who should never say, "I can't." Here, the acclaimed author opens up about family dynamics, personal anecdotes, Judaism, and politics. She gives advice on becoming a write...

Lord Conrad Black at ideaCity06 (Playlist)

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In an authoritative and easy fashion, media baron Conrad Black opens up about his impending legal issues and subsequent media criticisms. Following what he describes as "an assault by the United States government," Bl...

Natalie McLennan ideaCity10

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Natalie McLennan tells the intriguing story of her rise, and subsequent fall, as "Natalia," New York City's #1 Escort. Here, she openly describes her original intentions, the consequences, and the ultimate lesson she ...