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Kepler Worlds – Jon Jenkins (Science Shorts)

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This is a "Science Shorts" version of Jon Jenkins talk on the Kepler Mission. The Kepler Mission began its science observations just one year ago on March 12, 2009, initiating NASA's first search for Earth-like planet...

SETI Institute – Kepler Update April 28, 2009

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Kepler Update April 28, 2009 by SETI Institute's Kepler Mission team.

The Evolution of the Laws of Physics – Lee Smolin (SETI Talks)

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Prof. Lee Smolin of the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada, author and theoretical physcist, will talk about the evolution of laws in our universe.

ET Math: How different could it be? – John Stillwell (SETI Talks)

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We like to think that intelligent aliens would have the same basic ideas about numbers and geometry as us, but, even if they do, they might express those ideas very differently. To illustrate what different forms a co...

String Theory Multiverse – Sergei Dubovsky (SETI Talks)

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One of the most intriguing and controversial recent ideas in cosmology and string theory is that the Universe is highly inhomogeneous on the length scales much longer than its currently observable part, with many of t...

Warp Eight Mr. Scott: Will It Happen? The Future of Space Travel

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SETICon 1 panel with Kevin Grazier, Sean Carroll, Tim Russ, and Greg Papadopoulos

The Allen Telescope Array at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory

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The Allen Telescope Array at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory.

Do we need String Theory for Quantum Gravity? – Lance Dixon (SETI Talks)

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The strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions all have consistent, relativistic and quantum mechanical descriptions in terms of pointlike particles, but Einstein's theory of gravitation has long resisted a simila...

Introduction to

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A brief introduction to

Kepler, Exoplanets and SETI – Geoff Marcy (SETI Talks)

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Science fiction portrays our Milky Way Galaxy as filled with habitable planets populated by advanced civilizations engaged in interstellar trade and conflict. Back in our real universe, Earth-like planets and alien li...

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